Service and Fees (9/1/19)

The fees listed are for UT Austin labs. For pricing for other UT components, Higher Ed/State Agencies, and for-profit organizations, please contact Bill Shawlot ( Currently, CRISPR services are only available to UT Austin labs.

Also, note that the fees listed below do not include ARC per diem fees. These are charged directly to the investigator by ARC. The current rate is $0.82 per cage.

CRISPR Project Design - $1,193 per project

In vivo gRNA test injection (mouse) - $237 per gRNA

CRISPR mouse microinjection (C57BL/6J) - $2,022 per day

For other strains, the MGEF will bill for the cost of the mice.

Pronuclear transgene injection (B6D2 hybrid) - $1,420 per day

ES cell blastocyst injection (C57BL/6N KOMP/EUCOMM clones) - $3,009 per clone

ES cell blastocyst injection (129 and 129/B6 hybrid clones) - $2,208 per clone

ES cell clone expansion (KOMP/EUCOMM) - $813 per clone

Sperm cryopreservation - $1,083 per line

The sperm cryo service Includes a small-scale IVF QC test to 2-cell stage.

IVF - $1,996 per line

Embryo cryopreservation - $1,107/session

Embryo cryo recovery - $1,228 per line

Rederivation - $1,520 per line

Long-term storage of sperm and embryos – $70 per line per year

CRISPR screening and breeding services - contact us

CRISPR rats - contact us

CRISPR-edited cell lines - contact us