Image Processing

The Microscopy and Imaging Facility has a number of computers available to assist you with your image processing needs.  Computers in the facility include the following software:

Nikon Elements: Offline software for Nikon microscope images.  Applications include 3D reconstruction, deconvolution, cell counting, intensity analysis, JOBS, spectral unmixing, STORM analysis.

ZEN: Offline software for Zeiss microscope images.  Applications include 3D reconstruction, FRAP, image processing, and analysis.

Imaris: Advanced 3D and 4D rendering and measurements, particle tracking, cell counting

Metamorph Imaging Software:  Typical applications include: particle counting and measurement from TEM, fluorescence overlays, projections and movies.

FCS Express 5 Plus: Flow cytometry and microscopy image analysis

Modfit LT v3.0:  Cell cycle analysis software and report generation

FlowJo v10: Flow cytometry analysis

IDEAS: Amnis ImageStream data analysis

Adobe CS Suite:  Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady and InDesign. Tutorials are available for image optimization in preparation for image processing or publication.


To gain access to the software computers, you must contact Anna Webb or Richard Salinas.


The image processing computers are located in MBB 1.426S, MBB 1.426T, and HDB 3.222K.


There are no feees for the use of these computers and software for facility users.