Library Preparation

The GSAF’s expert molecular biologists have extensive experience creating libraries for the Illumina platform from either DNA or RNA inputs.  Whether performed manually or using our Tecan Freedom Evo automation station, our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are carefully designed to produce highly reproducible and reliable results.  Our low-cost, higher-throughput SOPs for RNA or DNA fragment libraries are based on the NEBNext Ultra II Library Prep Kit series, which produce consistently high yields from limited amounts of input material.  Adapters and primers for multiplexing allow us to barcode many different samples so they can be run together. 

DNA Libraries

  • DNA fragment libraries 
  • Metagenomic libraries
    • Bacterial 16S ribosomal
    • Fungal ITS
  • Genotyping-by-Sequencing (ddRAD)

RNA Libraries

  • RNA-Seq (transcriptome or Poly-A-selected mRNA-Seq)
  • Small RNA-Seq (microRNAs and other small, non-coding RNAs)

Custom Libraries.

We have experience with a diverse range of library applications and can assist with the development, troubleshooting and standardization of specific procedures. Examples include:

  • Ultra-low input DNA or RNA libraries
  • Tag-Seq (3’ poly-A-directed mRNA-seq)
  • 2b-RAD
  • Mate-pair (long-insert) libraries

More Information

Visit our wiki page to learn more about how to request a new job and submit samples. 

Illumina's resource page for library preparations covers a broad range of published methods.

Contact us at or 512-475-9725.