We provide "next-generation" sequencing (NGS) services for comprehensive genome-scale analyses of DNA or RNA and conventional “Sanger” sequencing services for longer reads of cloned inserts or PCR products.  The GSAF delivers the highest quality data and value across a broad range of methods used for life science research.

NGS Sequencing.  We deliver data produced by the leading technologies for unmatched accuracy and output.  See our fleet of Illumina sequencers.

Library Preparation. Our expert technical team produces a range of DNA- or RNA-derived libraries for Illumina sequencing under rigorous standard operating procedures (SOP's).   For custom library applications, our experienced staff of molecular biology specialists can work with you to produce the libraries based on specialized methods.

Sanger Sequencing.  Our rapid-turn-around services for conventional Sanger sequencing and DNA fragment analysis is conducted on the AB 3730 and 3730XL analyzers, the industry-standard for high-throughput capillary electrophoresis applications.

Data Analysis and Consulting.  GSAF works in close partnership with a team of three Ph.D. bioinformatic consultants in the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.  They perform standardized analysis pipelines or in-depth, custom computational analyses.  Consulting services are also available for study design and to help investigators use the available computing resources effectively. Visit our Resource page to learn more about the GSAF computing and data storage pod.

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