Working With Us

The Genomic Sequencing Service workflow:

  1. Consultation and review sample input guidelines
  2. Submit a new job request online
  3. GSAF reviews the request and issues an estimate
  4. Send us samples and enter sample descriptions online
  5. Sample QC
  6. Library Preparation
  7. Library QC, quantitation and pooling (if needed)
  8. Sequencing
  9. Initial QC and FASTQ data delivery (how to download data).
  10. Data filtering, analysis and hypothesis testing.  (Bioinformatic services available.)

The Sanger Sequencing Service workflow:

  1. Submit a new job request online using the FBS portal.
  2. Bring us your samples
  3. Email notification when completed (almost always the next day if submitted before 10am)
  4. Download sequencing data from the links provided in the email notification when the job is completed.