Methods and Instruments


Genomic Sequencing:

  • Illumina NovaSeq 6000
  • Illumina NextSeq 500 sequencers 
  • Illumina MiSeq sequencers 
  • Tecan Freedom Evo 200 Automated Liquid Handling Robot
  • QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR system (Thermo Fisher)
  • Hamilton Nimbus
  • Covaris E220 Adaptive Focused Acoustic shearing device
  • Covaris S2 (open access for trained users)
  • Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100
  • Invitrogen Qubit fluorimeter
  • Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer

Sanger Sequencing:

  • Applied Biosystems 3730XL
  • Applied Biosystems 3730
  • Beckman Biomek FX

Self-Service Instruments

Most self-service instruments are available free of charge to qualified UT researchers. For some we charge a small fee to cover the costs of annual service contracts and maintenance. Visit the Wiki page for details or reserve a time on the FBS portal.

Quantitative Real-Time PCR systems

  • Three ViiA7 (ThermoFisher)
  • LightCycler 480 (Roche)

Gel Imaging and Nucleic Acid Assessment (

  • Blue Pippin (Sage Science)
  • BioAnalyzer 2100 (Agilent)
  • Covaris S2 (DNA Shearing)
  • Nanodrop

See the instrument list and details on our wiki page.  Schedule time for these instruments using the online portal: .

Questions? Contact us at; or call 512-475-7844.

Computational and software resources